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Hi, my name is Mike Purcell and I am the founder of !, along with my brother Russ Purcell.

I'm a software engineer and have been coding since the days of the Commodore VIC 20 and Basic. 

We founded !shouttag because we were tired of the privacy invasion from other social media platforms, and also the hassles in dealing with traditional websites; domains, hosting, graphics, blah blah blah.

What if there were a way to easily establish an online presence with a succinct message you could share with anyone, and anyone could see that message without giving up any of their info? Enter !shouttag.

Check out our pitch for more info on how a !shouttag can help you acquire and re-engage more customers.

Pitched !shouttag at Shark Tank open auditions in #Vegas on January 6, 2017!

I also teach !shoutzzabrew Workshops at the Murrieta Innovation Center where I go over all the dos and don'ts that I have learned regarding social media over the last several years, and from a unique perspective, as someone who wrote their own platform.

You can also check out my fitness specific !shouttag @ !MovePlates.

Thanks for checking out my shouttag!