Mini Thermal Imagers

Torrey Pines Logic has been at the forefront of supplying sophisticated and affordable thermal imaging products to sportsmen, law enforcement officers, firefighters and handymen.

The imagers attach onto a standard 1/4-20" handgrip or mount for observation and surveillance, and can also mount on a Picatinny Rail for use as a sight and situational aide.

The new T15 Mini Thermal Imager

The New T15 Mini Thermal Imager Offers Optical Zoom from 3 to 8x

T15 mini-thermal imager offers unique Optical Zoom from 3 to 8x in a tiny package. The device offers the following features:

  • On‑board image enhancement
  • Shutter with automatic NUC capability
  • Video and Photo on-board recording
  • USB port with power input and software updates
  • Auto power‑save
  • Multiple display views: white hot / black hot / NV green / color
  • Flexible mounting options: Tripod mount / weaver mount and more…
  • Optional: 2x optical lens adapter
  • Clip-On Attachment for interfacing with optical scopes

9Hz unit is ideal for surveillance and is export ready. Device can be used in variety of search operations, firefighting and detection and other commercial applications.


Stop by the Torrey Pines Logic booth at the 2017 Shot Show for the first look at the T15 Thermal Imager!!!

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