This is a !hatchtag

Using a !SHOUTTAG on your pet collar is a great way for someone to get information about your pet if they get lost. You can include information such as special dietary needs, medications, pet interaction, and of course a way to contact you. For a real example of someone using !SHOUTTAG for pet info, check out !PORSHA, !SPRINGDOG, and !JAGS.

Instead of just providing a phone number, now you can use a !SHOUTTAG on your pet's tag to provide much more information for anyone finding your weary pet.

This is an example of how to use a !SHOUTTAG for a pet's tag.

enter image description here

This is Mittens the Kitten. If you are reading this, you have found Mittens the Kitten and he has wandered away from home. Mittens is a friendly cat around people, kids and cats but Mittens doesn't think much of dogs.

Mittens eats dry cat food and seems to like tuna and milk.

Please call us if you find Mittens the Kitten. Our numbers are:

Mark (858-555-1234)Debbie (858-555-1235)

Mittens has kids at home that will miss him, so please help us reunite Mittens with his kids.