Keep it clean! Nevada Hydro is rearing its ugly head again. This project has been declined by FERC and the PUC on 5 different occasions, and now we must fight to have it rejected again.

Some of you who were here on the Plateau some 6 or so years ago may remember the LEAPS project proposed by Nevada Hydro to build a dam above Lake Elsinore to generate electricity and construct power lines thru the Cleveland National Forest to transport that energy to the power grid. 

We on the Plateau mounted a significant letter-writing campaign, attended meetings, etc. and voiced our opinions AGAINST the project due to the fire hazard of the power lines thru our area -not to mention the effect on our property values for looking at high voltage power lines instead of a pristine National Forest. 

Our letters, along with massive support against the project from neighboring areas, including communities up to the Ortega Highway, Riverside County, elected officials, etc. caused the project to be turned down by the Federal regulating authority (FERC). The power lines were proposed to go RIGHT THRU the area where we had our fire recently! Can you imagine what might have happened if those power lines had been installed

It appears that Nevada Hydro is going to try again to get approval for this project. For more info search for "LEAPS" or click below:

LEAPS Project 

Apparently, the deadline for input on the project is Dec. 1, 2017 which isn't much time. If you are so inclined to write a letter, send to FERC since they are the only agency that can deny this project. Mail your comments using the address and template below, and let your voice be heard!

MAIL your comments to: 

The Honorable Kimberly D. Bose
Secretary Federal Energy Regulatory Commission
888 First Street NE
Washington, DC 20426

Begin your comments with:

Lake Elsinore Advanced Pumped Storage Project Project No. P-14227-003

Suggested Items to comment:

  1. In recent years, other power lines have been built in Riverside County and there is NO NEED for another power line. Do a NEED study.
  2. The Environmental Studies Nevada Hydro has utilized for this application request are almost 12 or more years old. Current studies are needed.
  3. This is a 2 billion dollar project and the cost would be a heavy and unnecessary burden on our citizens, the rate payers stuck with the bill. A cost study is needed.

Nevada Hydro rep Rex Wait, speaking at the Oct. 11 TV MAC meeting, announced a 60-day public comment period to request additional studies for the LEAPS project. DEADLINE IS DEC. 1.  If you submitted earlier comments, resubmit those comments NOW!