NutriShop Murrieta offers the best Sports Nutrition, Weight Loss, AND Vitamins for your health needs. We are the #1 Nutrition Store in Murrieta!

Stock up on the supplements that will help you optimize your health, including lean protein powders, great tasting pre-workouts, muscle restoring post-workouts, energy packed protein bars, and more.

We are here to help answer your questions and set you up with the best training supplements possible!

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September Special!

For the month of September, purchase 3 non-sale items and receive the fourth completely FREE*! 

If you’re going to invest in your Health & Fitness by using Nutritional Supplements, you might as well invest in the BEST and SAVE MONEY! We got you covered at NutriShop Murrieta & NutriShop Menifee!

If you cannot come into the store, no problem, contact us and we will take your order and ship it directly to you!

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* Not valid on sale items, cooler drinks, or bars.

Gift Cards!

If you are looking for an awesome present to give someone on their birthday, National Talk Like a Pirate Day, or any day, gift them a NutriShop giftcard

These giftcards are perfect for helping anyone regardless of their current fitness level. Help someone get a jumpstart on their fitness journey, or give a seasoned pro the edge for an upcoming competition.

With their giftcard they can purchase anything in the store ranging from our top of the line supplements, to meal prep bags, shirts, vitamins, and everything in between. We offer $25, $50, and $100 giftcards and you can stack them anyway you want.

If you cannot come into the store, no problem. Contact us and we will take your order and ship it directly to you!

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NutriShop Exclusive!

There is a Special FREE Service that NutriShop Menifee exclusively offers that's unlike anywhere else! It's our InBody Body Composition Analyzer!

Weight yourself on our highly advanced and accurate scale to know your:

  • Weight
  • Muscle Mass (lbs)
  • Body Fat (lbs)
  • Body Fat (%)
  • Lean Body Mass
  • Basal Metabolic Rate (Extremely Important!)

The InBody Scale will give you a free printout of your personal stats.

When we know what these numbers are, we at NutriShop Menifee will customize a free supplement program and a free nutrition plan that is specifically designed for you based on your body composition.

So for the best information, best products, and best prices, make sure to come see us at NutriShop Menifee. We make sure YOU reach your goal!

NutriShop Best Sellers

  • N'SANE- The highest energy boosting Pre Workout ever made
  • N'FUZE- Non-Caffeinated Kre Alkalyn & Beta Alanine Pre Workout meant for optimizing endurance, strength, and muscle development!
  • N'RAGE- High Potency Nitric Oxide boosting nutrients that enhance blood flow, oxygen delivery, strength, and muscle endurance
  • N'JECT- Another High Potency Nitric Oxide boosting supplement meant for Pre Workout
  • ARABOL- An extremely potent Muscle Optimizer that increases strength, power, muscle mass, and muscular endurance
  • HGH-191- Clinically studied ingredients meant for stimulating our natural production of Growth Hormones which speed up muscle recovery and fat burning, calm the body, promote tranquility, relieve nervous tension, and have a deeper more restful nights sleep

The MOST EFFECTIVE Sports Nutrition supplements are made by @nutrishopusa And are available here at @nutrishopmurrieta

Top 5!!

Yep! Out of almost 200 NutriShop stores in the WORLD @NutriShopMurrieta is currently ranked Number 5!! 

There is NO DOUBT that @NutriShopMurrieta is the Top Supplement Store in Murrieta! We truly and legitimately carry the ELITE BEST NUTRITIONAL SUPPLEMENTS compared to anyplace! We are also the ONLY supplement PROFESSIONALS locally that take the time to properly explain and inform on what the proper dosages are and what the best products are for ANY specific Health, Fitness, or Wellness Goals.

Absolute Best Prices

- We've done the math. We've compared prices to all other products. Anything cheaper than what we have has less servings, and inferior ingredients. 

Nothing Sweetened with Acesulfame Potassium

- A toxic chemical sweetener that just about ALL flavored supplements contain. Always check the label for this!!

No Creatine

- Nothing we carry contains Creatine. Regardless of the positive benefits of Creatine, there is NO WAY of avoiding the negative side effects.

- We strictly carry Kre-Alkalyn as an UPGRADED alternative to Creatine- Kre Alkalyn is the most powerful form of Creatine, and the ONLY FORM that does not cause ANY side effects.

Only Carry Powdered Vitamins

- They are the best absorbed.

All Health and Wellness Goals 

- We have the most nutritious options to Improve Bone Health, Joint Health, Relieve Inflammation, Strengthen the Immune System, Recover Rapidly, Build Muscle, Shred Fat.

So save your time and money. Be critical of the supplements you put in your body. TRUE SUPPLEMENT PROFESSIONALS are here @NutriShopMurrieta to answer all your questions and to guide you to more easily reaching your goals.

Say NO to internet supplement websites. Their "high rated" products are no indication of how good the products actually are.

  • Say NO to random supplement stores that don't offer professional guidance.
  • The PROFESSIONALS here @nutrishopmurrieta got you covered.

New Tanks!

NEW TANKS ARE IN!!! Come down to NutriShop Murrieta and get one FREE TANK with any purchase over $29. OR, if you just want a Shirt or Tank, they are only $9.99!!! Might as well be extra stylish while you're working out!

Now Available!!

In case you didn't know, the latest product from Stance Supplements is now available @ Nutrishop Murrieta, and there is nothing like it!!

  • Increase in muscle thickness
  • Increase in lean body mass
  • Increase in total body strength
  • Enhance workout intensity
  • Increase power output

6-Pack Meal Prep Bags!

6 Pack Meal Prep Bags are fully stocked here at NutriShop Murrieta‼ Incase you didn't know, when you buy a 6 Pack Meal Prep Bag at NutriShop Murrieta, you get a FREE Shaker Cup, a FREE Gym Towel, and $10 CASH BACK in our store cash!

Strawberry Protein7

Protein7 is Lactose Free. Gluten Free. ABSOLUTELY NO CHEMICAL ARTIFICIAL SWEETENERS. 3 types of Whey Protein for RAPID ABSORPTION. 3 types of Casein for SUSTAINED PROTEIN DELIVERY. 1 source of Egg White protein for sustained protein delivery and 100% ABSORPTION!

  • 1g Fat
  • 2g Carbs
  • 0g Sugars
  • 34g Protein

The Dairy derived proteins (Whey and Casein) ARE NOT DERIVED FROM HORMONE TREATED SOURCES. Protein7 also DOES NOT contain GMO.Try to always take Protein7 AFTER your workout for the RAPID ABSORPTION and RECOVERY from the Whey. And try to always take Protein7 before bed for SUSTAINED RECOVERY and CALORIE BURNING throughout the night from the Egg and Casein!

Men- 1 Scoop with 4-10oz liquid.
Women- 1/2-3/4 Scoop with 2-6oz liquid.
Be critical of the supplements you put in your body. Shop at NutriShop Murrieta!


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We are conveniently located in Murrieta off the 15 Freeway and California Oaks exit, right next to the Chevron station.