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Next Generation of Odor Solutions

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Healthier Sciences Product Options

Non-Toxic Alcohol Free Bio-degradable Food grade formulas. 

  • No Harmful Chemicals Safe around people and pets.  
  • Odor eliminator products  break down and neutralize foul odors without alcohol or toxic chemicals. 
  • Powerful natural odor eliminators are not a masking agent or perfume but neutralizes odors permanently. 
  • Safe organic compounds formed during the elimination of odors simply oxidize and evaporate leaving behind a fresh, clean, natural scent.

Naturally Fresh™ completely eliminates odors caused by sweat, smoke, pets and cooking without toxic chemicals, alcohol or fragrances. All of the naturally Fresh™ brands are made from natural plant based ingredients which are non-toxic, unscented, non-staining and hypoallergenic. All products must contact odors at their source. To eliminate odors in sporting gear such as boxing and hockey gloves,
thoroughly wet area to assure penetration into padding where odors form. Fresh™ is powerful enough to eliminate odors on hockey and football gear yet gentle to
use on dancewear.

Fresh™ will eliminate odors from cat and dog urine, cigarette smoke,  cigar smoke,  as well as odors commonly found in homes, bathrooms and portable toilets, waiting rooms,  nursing homes, RV's, yachts,  buses, limo’s, vehicles,  rental cars, hotel/motel odors and musty odors found in vacation homes.

  • SPORTS Fresh™ will eliminate odors on sporting gear, footwear, clothing, gym bags, vehicles, gyms and all other areas and surfaces.
  • TOM CAT™ will immediately eliminate odors caused by pets on all areas and surfaces.
  • BOB™ (Body Odor Blockout) is was formulated to remove all odors in costumes. Approved for use by Universal Studios and Disney. BOB™ has been used on costumes in over twenty feature films.
  • AUTO Fresh™ will eliminate all odors in vehicles including smoke, pets, body odors, etc. 

Dumpster Fresh™ eliminates odors caused by decomposing waste on contact.

  • Use in dumpsters, garbage cans, garbage trucks, transfer stations, compactors and indoor bins.
  • Simply spray to wet waste and surrounding surfaces to eliminate the foul garbage odor on contract. 
  • Dumpster Fresh™ is non-toxic, non-corrosive and safe for people and the environment. Biodegradable, Non-Polluting, No Petroleum Products, No VOCs, Stimulates microbial activity and Neutralizes Hydrogen Sulfide. 
  • Safe for all containers and surfaces.

LFF-90™:  Landfill & Dumpster Odor Eliminator

  • Eliminate the issues municipalities and communities have with landfills with our cost savings solution.
  • LFF-90 is a liquid concentrate for controlling odors in a wide variety of applications. It is formu­lated from natural plant extracts and is not a perfume or masking agent. 
  • LFF-90 complexes with odor molecules to neutralize odor on contact and stimulate beneficial oxygen-consuming bacteria by reducing the stress caused by organic acids, ammonia, and toxic substances.
  • Natural surfactants inherent in the extract assist     LFF-90 in penetrating porous surfaces.

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Through Odor Eliminating Solutions

Odor or smells are caused by various bacteria’s and their odor causing molecules.  Due to their complicated compositions, traditional methods are very restricted to solve this problem, many of which are harmful to humans, animals and the environment. 

Many manufacturers and their products lay claim  to solving this issue, but most are full of masking qualities such as perfumes to cover the odor, chemicals which have many safety, health and environmental issues, absorbent materials that create additional waste streams and others use ozone technologies that can create human health issues. These alternatives do not create a safe and     Eco-friendly solution.

Healthier Sciences odor eliminating products can cost effectively decompose the odors directly at molecular level and convert them to harmless inorganic substances such as water and carbon dioxide.

Simple Solutions 

The majority of larger corporations and municipalities remain in the  struggle with odors and if they had a viable solution, these struggles would no longer be a topic of discussion. As a contractor, supplier or end user you have the distinctive opportunity to solve this issue quickly and effectively at a cost savings. 

Healthier Sciences products will out perform other products. Its proven time and again. 

Bad Odors Can Impact The Bottom Line

With many industries such as rental cars, auto sales, restaurants, fitness centers, hospitality, private clubs, daycare centers and retail spaces all try to bring customers in and to return many times over the years. 

Each industry hires cleaning companies or in house staff to ensure they have a very clean space. Despite all those costs and efforts many fail to eliminate the odor issue. Most common approach is a reactive one, where odors are masked and once those products dissipate, the odors begin to creep back as a nuisance which ultimately will deter customers from returning.

Eliminate Odor Issues for Communities

  • Landfills  
  • Sewage Plants
  • Water Treatment
  • Sewers
  • Farm Odors
  • Animal Processing Plants

Eliminate Common Odor Concern 

  • Animal/Pets Odors
  • Bathroom/Locker room  Odors
  • Body Odors
  • Cigarette/Cigar Smoke Odors
  • Fire Smoke Odors
  • Decaying Odors
  • Garbage Cans/Dumpster Odors
  • Diaper/Urine/Fecal Odors
  • Vehicle Odors
  • Home/Building Odors

Eco-power odor neutralizer cost effectively and rapidly solves the strongest and toughest odor challenges. 

Opportunities for:

Distributors - Retailers - Contractors - Large Users

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On contact Eco-friendly Odor Eliminator Products

Our products are used to eliminate odors quickly and safely without fragrances, contains no man-made chemicals, no enzymes or alcohol that can cause allergic reactions, no masking agents or perfumes, and is far more powerful and longer lasting than store bought products. Our products neutralize odors on all surfaces and will not harm or discolor fabrics. 

Our product enzymes eat the odor causing molecules in the bacteria which completely eliminates the opportunity for smell to return .  

Greener Life Environmental (GLE)

GLE is the Global Master Distributor for Healthier Sciences, a manufacture of Eco-friendly anti-microbial solutions. GLE is looking for distributors, contractors and large end users seeking an alternative solution to quickly and effectively eliminate foul odors from industrial, commercial and residential industries. 

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