Nothing Turns Off a Consumer Like Offensive Smells

It is so true that bad odors can kill your deal. Often, people are not honest enough to say anything. But before you begin showings, renters and buyers alike will probably notice them first thing.  And become immediately be turned off, maybe even without realizing why. 

Over time, those who live in, maintain, or manage properties can become desensitized to offensive odors. What at first may be quite noticeable can become less bothersome or even unnoticed after prolonged exposure. 

Odors are a Problem

The sense of smell is the strongest of all the senses. And this is never so true as when leasing or purchasing real estate, apartments, RV’s, mobile homes and in the hospitality industry in hotels and motels.

Smell has a greater impact on purchasing than everything else combined,” says Alan Hirsch, neurological director of the Smell & Taste Treatment & Research Foundation in Chicago. “If something smells good, the product is perceived as good.” One theory, according to Hirsch, is that smells are linked with emotions. "The portion of the brain that controls smell is located in the limbic lobe, the center part of the brain that also controls emotions," he explains. "The quickest way to change emotions is with smell."

At What Cost

However, bad odors cause the biggest problems in residential apartment buildings, from cigarette smoke, to stale smells, to body odors, to decaying food and pet smells. These odors have a way of saturating entire apartment complexes, often turning the happiest tenets against the building management while also deterring others from moving in.

Cost Effective Solutions in Odor Elimination

You can resolve your lingering odor issues completely, yielding increased sales, higher rental occupancy and happier tenants with our low cost solution. Don’t simply mask the bad odors, eliminate them! 

Eco-friendly Product Options

Naturally Fresh™ completely eliminates odors in structures (rooms, buildings, etc.), vehicles (cars, rental cars, buses, limos,  RV & boats), bathrooms, clothing and other textiles (carpets, bedding, curtains, etc.) caused by sweat, smoke, cat and dog urine (wet dog smell), garbage, mold,  mildew and musty smells, and cooking odors without toxic chemicals, alcohol or fragrances. All of the naturally Fresh™ brands are made from natural, plant based ingredients which are unscented, non-staining and hypoallergenic. 

  • Non-Toxic, Alcohol Free, Bio-degradable Food grade formula's.  
  • No Harmful Chemicals, Safe for use around people and pets. 
  • Odor eliminator product breaks down and neutralizes foul odors without alcohol or toxic chemicals
  • Powerful natural odor eliminators are not a masking agent or perfume. They neutralize odors permanently.
  • Safe organic compounds formed during the elimination of odors simply oxidize and evaporate leaving behind a fresh, clean, and natural scent.


AUTO Fresh™ will eliminate all odors in vehicles including smoke, pets, body odors, etc. It does not mask the smell; it eliminates it! AUTO Fresh™ eliminates odors and prevents them from returning to bother you later.

Dumpster Fresh™ eliminates odors caused by decomposing waste on contact. Used in dumpsters, garbage cans, compactors and indoor bins. Simply spray the wet waste and surrounding surfaces to eliminate the foul garbage odor on contract.  Dumpster Fresh™ is non-toxic, non-corrosive and safe for people and the environment. Biodegradable, Non-Polluting, No Petroleum Products, No VOCs. Stimulates microbial activity, and Neutralizes Hydrogen Sulfide.  Safe for all containers and surfaces.


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