Thank you so much Payton for sending Flat Stanley out to California! He loved it so much that he didn't want to leave. But alas, his time in sunny SoCal has ended. He has a lot of stories to share with you and the whole class!

First, we took him to In-N-Out, one of the best burger places on the West Coast. When we got in, the cashier saw Flat Stanley and gave him a hat!

Later on, we brought him to Elias Shoes, our family business. Here are some of the photos.

George took Flat Stanley with him to University of California, Riverside. Here's his experience:

On the day I brought Stanley to UCR, I woke him up early. He didn’t like that I had to wake him up at 4:30AM in order to catch a bus at 6. However, he managed to get ready and walked with me to the bus stop. Once at school, I took him to my Anthropology class and had him sit in on a lecture. He slept through it and the teacher told me to wake him up midway. He kinda was snoring too loud.

After Anthro, I took him to Math class. The images say it all.

Once done with Math, I took him to eat sushi. He was skeptical at first, but he ate the whole bowl… which we were supposed to share…

After sushi, we walked to the next class, but along the way we stopped at the bell tower to enjoy the nooner. A nooner is an event held on Wednesdays at the UCR bell tower. It was Mexican Culture Day at the school, and Stanley got to enjoy some of the local customs. While an amazing idea at the time, he learned the hard way that combining sushi and tacos isn’t exactly the best idea, especially if he wants to keep his figure.

Thank you so much for sending Flat Stanley out to Southern California! We know he had a blast visiting us. :-D