The Demon Barber of FLEEK Street
I took this in the bathroom of the Gallo Arts Center theater when I went to go see Sweeney Todd. Not only was the play amazing, but I looked and felt great.

Sweet Sunset
This is a lovely sunset I watched while holding the love of my life in my arms. I remember feeling very content and at peace in this moment. I watched the sky go from blue to orange to pink then a purple before the night came.

Fall In Love
This is my campus during the fall. We have many different types of trees and they look the best during this time of year. A lot of people come out and take pictures with our lovely warm-toned leaves. 

Hideaway At Hogwarts
This is a nice little spot outside one of the buildings at  my school. This is my favorite building because it reminds me of Harry Potter and it has this nice little garden nook that I like to go to late at night to think or cry.

A Housecat's View
This is the wonderful view from my dorm window during the fall. This particular day was the first day we had rain since I started college. The sound of the rain tapping on the window, the lovely diversity of colors of the trees, and the calm, grey skies made for a perfect moment of contentment and for a great picture.