Soon you will be under my control h00man...

Hi! My name is Porsha, and I am two years old. My family is pretty sure I am a Domestic Longhair.

My favorite foods are dry catfood and tuna. Even though I will pretty much eat anything that falls on the floor, I am not a huge fan of wet cat food.

Taking a cap nap, tee hee

I am skittish around kids, and scared of big dogs. And while most cats prefer to relax in their owner's lap, I am not one of them, rather I lay down just out of arm's reach, so you can see how pretty I am, but do not touch.

mmmmm smells like birds! This is the kitty equivalent of when we smell bacon in the morning.

I love playing with foil balls, until they roll under the couch, forcing my family to lift it to get them out for me, where they end up again five minutes later (lol).

I also have my own song, it goes like this: "Little kitty meow meow meow", not difficult to remember, but string a few of those together and I am bound to be your biggest fan.

Stop bugging me, I'm trying to watch Kitty TV!

If you find me running around your neighborhood please call the number on the back of my pet tag and I will reward you handsomely, by which I mean I will let you play with my foil ball too.

Oh ya, I even have my own instagram page, so give me a follow, and if you sing my song, I may follow you back!