It's the end of a long day's hike on the Mountain.

You take off your heavy backpack, and set it down carefully against a tree. Stretch, rub your back. Feels good.

You set up the tents in the flattest area of the rocky landscape, and take a look around. This is Nature, in a way you're not accustomed to experiencing it. When there are no buildings, schedules, or agendas to worry about, it's easier to focus.

The sun is setting, and soon you will be able to see millions of stars. One of the few times in your life that you really get to see Infinity laid out before you.

The world looks like something out of National Geographic.

enter image description here

(Something like that, yeah.)

And now you take off your boots and those heavy hiking socks, and give your feet a taste of that sweet cool air....

It's one of those perfect moments. When everything is in Balance, and you can just feel at peace with the world.

But dinner is coming up, and you know that you'll have to put your boots back on--not really lacing them up, but just wrapping the long laces around your ankles a few times, and then loosely knotting them. It's not a perfect solution; you're keenly aware of the sticky sweat from the day's hike, and you wish you could just walk around barefoot.

It would be great to have a pair of sandals or slippers, but they're heavy and unwieldy, and it would be a pain to carry those along with all the rest of your gear.

At moments like this, you wish you could have a pair of outdoor slippers or something.

But that's just wishful thinking, right?