Raine performing at BIRN Alive!


Music from the Mountains

Hi all,

I am working on a new song and wanted to share some of the lyrics with you. It's called Lesser Materials:

You can try to steal my soul but you can't, cause I buried it in a hole, a hole that's six feet deep where my body will rest.

You already broke my heart, and I've started to make make a new on in a laboratory, in a cage made of glass you can't break.

And I've already passed the test, I am made, made of ash I was burned by the fires, set by my desires while my friend sat and watched.

And my body started rotting away, from the day I was grown Oh I've always known, there will never be a home that is cold enough for me.

We are made of lesser materials

Our bones will one day break

But I witness something ethereal

In every move you make