Thank You

Hello Stars! Thank you again for your help for Reality Rally 2018! Your selfless commitment to helping raise money and awareness for Michelle's Place goes a long way to helping our fellow humans who are bravely fighting breast cancer.


How did you like staying at Pechanga this year? It's luxurious amenities, close location, and amazing restaurants make it the perfect location for Reality Rally 2019, but it wasn't cheap. To further reduce our costs for 2019 we need your help!

If everyone promotes Pechanga on social media it will show them that all the social media attention will more than justify lower room rates for our 2019 proposal, ensuring we can again book you an awesome room and give more money to Michelle's Place.

Just talk about your positive experience, and share any pictures you may have. Something like 

Had a blast at #RR2018. The rooms at @PechangaCasino were amazing, and the food was excellent, can't wait for #RR2019! #pechanga #realityrally @realityrally

The above example will work for insta and twitter. To tag on facebook just type @ then start typing "pechanga casino" and a drop down will appear with Pechanga in the list, select it, then it will be added to your text with a blue background, this indicates that they will be notified when you commit the post.


Chances are you guys took some awesome photos, if you could take the time and upload your 10 favorite pics (not all of your pics not enough room), we'd love to use them for @RealityRally social media. Just click the link below.



Each of you are social influencers and command a lot of attention on social media. We'd appreciate it if you could follow us @RealityRally on Twitter and Instagram and add notification alerts when we tweet/post so you could retweet/comment. They will go a long way in increasing awareness for Reality Rally and Michelles Place through the rest of this year, ramping up to an even bigger 2019!