Wow, what a day! We had a blast hosting the first ever Reality Rally TREX Scavenger Hunt! We gave away thousands of dollars in prizes donated by our generous and charity minded sponsors! 

They were all excited to help raise money and awareness for Michelle's Place Breast Cancer Resource Center in Temecula California!

We gave away these awesome prizes...

  • Family Outdoor Adventure Package courtesy of Lake Hemet Campground
    • 2 Night Lakeview Cabin stay
    • 4 Kayak rentals
    • 5 person Season Waterpark access
    • Family full year day use pass

One More Round!!!

Thursday, April 13th

We have one last prize to give away!!! A VIP Party for you and 19 of your friends at the awesome 8Bit Brewing Company Brewery in Murrieta! 

This may look like just another awesome Crowler from 8Bit Brewing Company, but it possesses a special power. 

Remember the Golden Ticket in Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory? This Crowler is just like that, but instead of getting access to a Chocolate Factory you get special VIP access to an awesome, local Microbrewery for you and 19 of your closest friends and family!! 

This VIP Party includes 2 beer tickets (per person) and food (for 4 hours), in their beautiful VIP Lounge! Imagine the kind of party you could throw for someone's birthday, graduation, Father's Day, or just an awesome gathering with you and your friends!

Inside the amazing 8Bit Brewing Company VIP Lounge!

This prize is valued at over $800 and can be yours if you are the first to complete the task. The task will be posted sometime on Thursday, April 13. Your best bet is to Track this !shouttag by following these instructions...

Start Tracking!

Simple right? Here's how it will work...

We will send out a Tracker Notification (by text and email) to let you know that a new task has been posted, when you get the notification you just...

  1. Follow the instructions
  2. Complete the task

If you are the first to complete the task you win the awesome 8Bit Brewing Company VIP Party!!

Many thanks to 8Bit Brewing Company and our other sponsors for helping to raise money and awareness for Michelle's Place Breast Cancer Resource Center in Temecula, CA!!!


Please be careful when doing tasks for our Scavenger Hunt, we don't want anyone to get hurt or ticketed. 


Want to play a game? 

Luigi's bro Mario went missing, and he needs your help to find him!

Rumor has it Mario was last spotted at 8 Bit Brewing Company in Murrieta off of Jefferson

Your task is to...

  • Find Mario (hint: Ask someone who works at 8Bit where Mario might be)
  • Find Chris Keyson (Owner of 8Bit)
  • Have someone take a pic with you, Mario, and Chris
  • Post on Facebook so Luigi knows Mario is ok

    • Tag @shouttag and @8bitbrewingcompany

The first person to finish this task wins the 8Bit VIP Party!!

Teams are allowed, but someone on the team must be 21+ years old

This task must be completed before 7:15pm! 

Good luck!!

We have a winner!!! Thx to everyone who played!!!