Fans come from all over the country to meet the Celebrities at Reality Rally and spend the weekend with them and other fans! Reality Rally is the largest gathering of Reality TV Celebrities in the country, so it's easy for fans to immerse themselves and co-mingle with their favorite celebrities!

We want you to experience Reality Rally like a celebrity, with a Reality Rally VIP Experience Package! With a Reality Rally VIP Experience Package you will get intimate access to over 80 Reality TV Celebrities, more than $2,000 in VIP benefits, and most importantly, help a deserving charity; Michelle's Place - Breast Cancer Research Center raise money to help friends and family cope with a horrible disease. 

Better hurry though, this offer ends February 28th!!

Your Reality Rally VIP Experience Package is loaded with over $2,000 in upgrades and access opportunities, check out this list:

  • Airport Transport on Thursday and Sunday ONLY at San Diego Airport if coordinated with our travel agent
  • One room for three nights for two people at the beautiful Pala Mesa Resort, the host hotel. (Add a 3rd person to the room for $500.00)
  • VIP Lanyard All Access Pass
  • Choice of one Star to race with on your team
  • Personal introduction with your one chosen Star
  • Personal Celebrity Handler 
  • Celebrity Green Room access 
  • Front of the Line Autograph access 
  • Red Carpet photos
  • Two tickets for Saturday Festival
  • Reality Rally Race ticket for two people (or 3rd if the additional $500 is paid)
  • Three meals and snacks per person
  • Inter-venue transport with the Stars 
  • One Swag Bag for group
  • Commemorative Program

That's over $2,000 in upgrades and access opportunities for half the cost! Don't wait, get your Reality Rally VIP Experience Package today, before it's too late...

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The Why Matters

Do you know there are over 500 Reality TV Shows and do you know that almost everyone watches at least one of those shows? That is why Reality Rally is such a successful fundraising event. We will have over 100 Celebrities from over 40 TV Shows who raise funds for Michelle's Place and come to Temecula to meet you, their fans.

Reality TV shows have been so successful as we are ordinary people who have been chosen to be on a show that fits our talents and personalities to entertain the world. We are YOU. Buy the pass today and meet these Stars and hear their stories and how they were picked for their shows.

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