Reality Rally is the most unique 3 day charity event in the country! Featuring Reality TV Stars, friends, family, and co-workers coming together to help raise money and awareness for an amazing charity; Michelle's Place Breast Cancer Resource Center in Temecula, CA. 

Reality Rally runs on 100% volunteer power and is organized and lead by Gillian Larson, a Temecula Resident and cast member of Survivor: Gabon (Season 17)!

We are proud to say that Reality Rally is going into our 8th year! This amazing feat wouldn't be be possible without the tireless efforts of our amazing volunteers. We appreciate every volunteer especially Gillian who organizes, markets, and executes our epic events.

It takes over 350 volunteers to ensure a fun and safe Reality Rally for everyone, and we need your help!! We are looking for volunteers to help us with Reality Rally 2018 during May 3rd - 5th. In 2017 we had over 380 volunteers from 2 countries, 5 states, and 47 cities. 

This is a great opportunity to help raise money for Michelle's Place who provides over 10,000 resources a year to our fellow humans who are suffering from breast cancer. 

Not only will you be helping raise money for an amazing charity, you can promote your business at the same time! Every volunteer gets an official RR Volunteer Shirt, but you can also wear your own outfits to put the white hot spotlight on your business or cause.

One of the best experiences as a volunteer is being able to represent yourself. The volunteers are given a Reality Rally shirt, but they can wear their group name such as Border Patrol, ROTC and Carmax Cares, so they can arrange amongst themselves what represents their organization.

--Gillian Larson

Last year, thanks to all our volunteers we were able to raise over $157,000 for Michelle's Place! Please consider volunteering your precious time to a worthy cause and let's help those brave souls who are battling a terrible disease. Thank you! 

Become a Reality Rally Volunteer

Meet the Peepgrass family, they have volunteered at Reality Rally for last five years! They say they are lucky to volunteer at Reality Rally, we say we are lucky to have them! 

Here is their story... 

For the past five years, our family has been lucky enough to participate in the Reality Rally as volunteers.  All of this thanks to a close friend who mentioned that this might be fun for our family.

Our first year the motivation was heavy on seeing reality stars up close and light on volunteering.  Little did we know that our first year would lead to something our family has come to look forward to each spring.  

While my wife and I help with checkpoint logistics, our daughters are handing out water bottles.  Each Reality Rally team is so appreciative, kind and fun.  They interact with the volunteers as they speed through the checkpoints and always have time to talk to our kids.  

For us interacting with the other volunteers and the many teams that run through the checkpoint makes the day go by too quickly each year.  

We are grateful to play a small part in supporting such a wonderful cause as Michelle’s Place, an organization that offers support and information to people facing a diagnosis of cancer.  The support they offer ranges from help with tests needed for detection, to support of both the victim and their families to ease their struggles as much as possible, to educating people so they can manage and control their health care.  

Our family thanks you for this wonderful opportunity to help with the Reality Rally and Michelle’s Place each year.

Become a Reality Rally Volunteer