Keep an eye out for the Red Weed.

He told us that it was a totally mellow high--a short-term psychotropic kick, vivid hallucinations that treat time like a small child treats a box filled with bubblewrap, and then is gone a second later with no side-effects.

And we fell for it.

That was our choice. Nobody forced us to take it, nobody made us chew the Red Weed. We only have ourselves to blame.

They called it the Faceless Drug, cuz it's guaranteed to get you off your face.

But the truth is the reverse: it gets your face off of YOU. When you look in a mirror, someone else's face stares back at you. Something, Dr. Dee said it scrambles your retinal-whatsit, I dunno the science--just that it's freaky as all get out.

And now it won't stop.