Hello! My name is Russell Purcell and I am the co-founder/co-owner of SHOUTTAG. Thanks for looking at my !SHOUTTAG.

As you can see, my !SHOUTTAG easily directed you to my message via SHOUTTAG.com or via the SHOUTTAG app on the Google Play or Apple App store.

I am a US Navy veteran and proudly served on the USS Bunker Hill from 1996-2000. I traveled around the world and made large personal and professional advancements during that time.

Since my honorable service in the Navy I have been employed by high technology startups and big technology companies for 14 years. Some of the startup companies include Airfiber, X'Prime, Powercast and Linux Networx. I have also worked for big companies like Intel and LanDesk. I often travel internationally and enjoy working with customers from Turkey to Japan. I enjoy the cultural variety of working with international customers. I have enjoyed working in engineering and operations and throughout my career I have found myself favoring product management and defining products that customers want and need.

I believe in !SHOUTTAG and it has been a great experience building this up from an idea to what you see. Please join us and get your !SHOUTTAG today!