Hi my name is Russell, I am a co-founder of SHOUTTAG. SHOUTTAG is an exciting new social media product that connects us with the world around us.

!SHOUTTAG has been our project for over 2 years. The idea spawned from the lack of a simple message transmission vehicle in advertising. Everything on the market was old technology or not able to scale across all media platforms:

Phone numbers and websites are near impossible to remember especially when heard over the radio or read on billboards

QR codes aren't usable in radio or on billboards

Flyers and brochures are always gone from that home you like

We have to dig across websites for that bit of information we want

We can never find that paper coupon when we need it

It also seemed that whenever we reach out to anyone for anything, companies grab onto any personal contact information you share with them and the next thing you know you are getting texts, phone calls and spam in your email inbox.

So, we created the SHOUTTAG system. SHOUTTAG spans ALL media. Advertisers can put easy to remember SHOUTTAGS on billboards, in radio ads, online, on TV, on flyers, on for sale signs- basically on anything! SHOUTTAG has no media boundaries. Then, when consumers see or hear the SHOUTTAG, they enter the SHOUTTAG on our website or on their app and they get the company's message on their terms.

The beauty of it is, we decouple consumers from the advertisers! Now, anyone can use SHOUTTAG to get additional information from an advertiser and we remain anonymous to the advertiser.

During our research and development over the last 2 years, we learned that people would also like to use SHOUTTAGs for their own personal interests! People can create personal SHOUTTAGs an share a message with the world around them. They can use their personal SHOUTTAGs for dating, for professional contacts, selling their cars, for anything! SHOUTTAG has no boundaries. It is a wide open wilderness that provides a new way for people and advertisers to reach the world around them.

If you are an advertiser, please contact us and we can set your corporate account up today. If you are a user looking to use the latest in social media, feel free to enter any SHOUTTAGs you see, or sign up and get your own personal SHOUTTAG!