Hello, my name is LaRoy D. Mack and I am an educator in the financial services industry and the founder of Safe Money Expert.

What we do is educate you so that you can build and enjoy a plentiful retirement without losing money.

We will show you how to have a tax free retirement and not lose one dollar and the upside of the market and none of the risk. How would you like to receive a double digit return and never lose money?

If you have a 401k or a tsp or a 403b or a ira you will probably run out of money. i can guarantee you a lifetime of income and you will never run out of money.

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The Ripple Effect

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LaRoy D. Mack Bio

I began to examine the essence of a desire to capture financial freedom in 2001. Evolving in a realization, I began to evaluate that financial freedom does not manifest itself and society must realize that we may not always inherit financial prosperity through birth- rite.  That is the miracle of American Society, with appropriate planning; sound financial advice, and timing the American Dream can be resurrected, even in the current financial climate.  As a safe money expert I have made a commitment to be a servant leader in the financial industry and have helped hundreds of clients outline their ambitions towards personal financial freedom. 

People should understand that it is okay to become ambitious about getting knowledge of the phenomenon of financial freedom. Why should one not seek, and be prepared to evaluate, what they themselves seek to accomplish? For two decades I have worked as a mentor, group home leader, and social service agency manager. Through this journey I learned and taught that inherent in the human character for sound decision making is impulse control. The same foundation that we teach our children, to think before they act, is something we cannot abandon in our adulthood as we are making financial decisions.

There is much sweat and commitment needed in social reform but we cannot continue to live in poverty. What was enjoyable in the years that I worked as a mentor and group home leader? Establishing an atmosphere of nurturing care, valuing self confidence and life lessons for young girls who were teen moms. Respecting that my mother had me at sixteen and had the strength to teach me that education is invaluable and that I could be anything, which my mind was set on. So many youth misplace value in material things misguided by a lack of self confidence, lacking the guidance and support needed to understand the life lessons that must be taught. Working with teen moms remains a passion.

Remaining dedicated to the social service field; I was able to establish leadership standards for young men who had been so swiftly labeled, disproportionate amounts of minority youth labeled as emotionally disturbed, conduct disordered, in trouble with the law. What was profound upon reflection? Providing resources and intensive support through aggression replacement therapy, having repair conversations with adults who had been abusive to these young men, and affirming, even young men deserve to have dignity and pride assisted in my ability to communicate behavior expectations. Had anyone considered, sometimes leadership is forged through rebellion? Young men, also need a guiding hand to learn appropriate ways to communicate even when angry, hurt, or feeling aggressive.

Why? May these two careers fit together so seamlessly financial advisement and social service. I have fortified a commitment to financial industry; have volunteered seminars to the elderly, to the unemployed, to those in poverty, to veterans and have always opened up dialogue with those individuals who are ready to examine their financial health.  I have done so because I look at my family, today, at this moment, and I take stock of what it is that they mean to me. Many responsibilities reside on my shoulders; two sons, a sister, a mom, and a wife that all are part of the financial contingency.  I assist in  fulfilling responsibility for; I want for them, what most people want for their family, to live comfortable when I am with them, and even more so when I am gone.

I am a Safe Money Expert. Holding firm in my commitment to keeping Americans educated on how to grow their retirement and their money without relying solely on the risks of the stock market.  It is imperative that I am able to demonstrate to clients how to sustain an income for life, which they cannot out live.  People will thrive if they are educated on how to have a tax free retirement, how to have a double digit return on their investments.  Motivation is a key ingredient to assist people to examine how to become their own bank and financial institution.

Being available to advise families on how to avoid probate, and avoid the logistical frustrations, when they are already mourning a loss, has fostered many intact working relationships.  People have a sense of urgency to understand how to transfer wealth as well as investigating on an individual basis the type of insurances one should have.  My clients are well-informed of their options and are not trapped by paying unnecessary taxes.  How can we learn to advance wealth and keep what we have?

These sentiments were brought to you in the biography of LaRoy D. Mack, Safe Money Expert; father, brother, son, husband, friend, basketball coach, and educator. If you only have one life, how will you live it to leave your legacy? I knew in my life I was eventually going to be done raising children. I began digging deeper so I could ready myself to ensure that I was able to raise good men. Sustaining pride always for my two sons Jordan 21 and Aidan7, Daddy loves you!

All my pride and all my strength come from God and My Family appreciating prosperity every day.