!Shouttag offers a free and effective way to keep your pets safe in case they escape.

If someone finds your pet roaming the neighborhood and sees your pet has a !Shouttag, they can pull up your pet's info right from their mobile device via the free !Shouttag app, or shouttag.com. Compare this to a microchip where the person who found your pet has to load them into their vehicle, drive down to a vet clinic, and attempt to scan the microchip which only works ~50% of the time.

You can also update your pet's !Shouttag with reward info within seconds to increase the chances of their safe return.

Here are some examples of how other pets are protected with a !Shouttag:

You can even include a video!

Protecting your pet with a !Shouttag couldn't be easier, just follow these steps:

  • Create a !Shouttag account
  • Request the !Shouttag you want for your pet
  • Add pet's info and pictures via !Shouttag manager
  • Save, you're done!

Now you can engrave your pet's !Shouttag onto new pet-tag anywhere engraving is available. Petco and Petsmart have engraving machines which make it easy to add a !Shouttag. Here's an example:

Now when people enter !Jags via the free !Shouttag app, or shouttag.com, they will see the information we wrote about our furry family member.

A !Shouttag not only protects your pet by increasing the chance of their safe return, but if your pet passes, it can also act as a memorial. In January 2016 we lost our beloved Jags, and from time to time we read his !Shouttag as a loving tribute to his memory. Check it out for yourself: