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Operation Fund My Cause is seeking an  effective and honest SEO who has accelerated skills to achieve our objective of 1,000,000 members in 12 months.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the technical art, we seek an SEO Artist  that is capable of placing us at the top, creating the exposure and buzz that will provide a very successful track of business driven towards our platform. 

Why Work for Short Money - Build Your Fortune

Elevate Your SEO Status

We seek to do the unusual, make our SEO wealthy by simply doing their job or business better than others. We plan on being your most meaningful and rewarding experience in your career.

We do not seek employees but partners who wish to grow and success coming by a performance based financial reward system. 

Operation Fund My Cause  the most exciting opportunity to come along in many years and maybe ever. Your time, your performance and our profits shared with you. 

Operation Fund My Cause is looking for a social media, SEO, online marketing, ad posting and branding expert. 

We need someone to help promote and market an online hybrid service which takes two existing success models that creates success and profitability for all who acquire our services. 

This platform is a proven success at this time and is one of a kind. This is already a proven model and provides large revenues for those who are apart of our system. 

We simply need an accelerated marketing campaign to increase the traffic and interest in our website, this is why a great SEO is needed. If you are interest in building a success model for your stay at home business who is not looking to be average or only looking for a pay check but an opportunity, motivated by money and influenced by sustainable work this is a great opportunity for the right expert. 

The Offer

Operation Fund My Cause is offering a very unusual compensation package that is a life changer. This is a work from anywhere opportunity just be that efficient, effective and diligent SEO that performs. 

Must have social media skills with experience driving traffic through social media, Craigslist, blogs, target email campaigns (churches and other large groups), SEO and or other internet based platforms.

Our opportunity will generate hundreds of thousands of dollars per year, with a bonus structure that is unheard of for this sort of position. Once we see your value our hopes are for  a great partnership for years to come. Your payments will come directly from your membership therefore you wont have to worry about being paid. Although the bonus will be paid for by Operation Fund My Cause. 

Terms will be discussed upon reply, along with your bio of successful work. We are not looking for just anyone, we seek someone who works fast, efficient, easy to work with, motivated, seeks a great opportunity and is effective at this craft. 

Operation Fund My Cause is driven by a humanitarian funds in conjunction with Fund My Cause to up lift communities and we seek assistance of an SEO with mad skills to achieve our goals. Come on board and make that difference for you and for the community we serve.

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