Hello sharks my name is Mike Purcell, and my name is Russ Purcell, we are proud veterans, believe it or not we are brothers, and the founders of !shouttag.

Every day businesses struggle with the same problem: getting customer's attention...

Introducing !shouttag.

When customers see the ! followed by Words they will know that the business has a message they want to share. For example if u enter !NeverGonna via the free !shouttag app or shouttag.com you will see our message, hosted on enterprise level servers.

We launched !shouttag in our small hometown in Southern California. The response has been overwhelming. 

Many businesses and individuals have signed on for !shouttags and the platform has received acclaim and testimonials from civic leaders, business owners and charities. 

We feel we've created the next big thing here, and we are ready to unveil Shouttag as a new platform for connection and interaction.

If you can trust anyone you can trust a couple of guys on Trexes!!

So sharks, who wants to !Shouttag?