A !shouttag is a powerful call to action that provides fast and easy access to information.

! + word = a !shouttag, and it links to an online footprint.

For example, if you see the !ForSale shouttag on the back of a car, enter “ForSale” through the free !shouttag app or !shouttag.com and you'll see that car's online footprint with information including price, mileage, pictures, and more.

It's that simple.

! = Call to action

Word = Your Brand

! + word = !YourShouttag

!shouttags are extremely easy to setup and provide several of the same benefits as a website, including:

  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization, how people find you online). Several !shouttags are ranked page #1 top 5 on major search engines
  • Upload images
  • Embed videos & Maps
  • Easy to build contact forms
  • Send email alerts
  • Send text messages

Best of all, everyone gets two !shouttags for free. Sounds great but what's the catch? Good question, check out our revenue strategy.

If you have any questions please contact us for more info.

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Below are some side-by-side comparisons demonstrating how !shouttag is a powerful call to action that provides the fastest and easiest access to information possible.

!shouttag vs website

A websites requires a domain, hosting, software, and security, and could take days, weeks, or months to setup and often times a great expense.

With !shouttag, you can create and launch your own !shouttag within minutes, and with several of the same features as a website including:

  • Upload images
  • Embed videos and maps
  • Contact forms
  • Email alerts
  • Text notifications

Plus !shouttags generate awesome SEO (search engine optimization, how people find you online) with several !shouttags ranking page 1 top 5.

As you can see, providing information to customers with !AmazingHairProduct is much easier than a website.

!shouttag vs QR Code

QR codes are ridiculous. They require you to:

  • Download a third party scanner
  • Get close enough to a clunky, digital box to scan it
  • Hold your device long enough to scan it
  • Your redirected to a website that has to be maintained, and may not be mobile friendly

With !shouttag, you can enter a !shouttag from anywhere that you see one. If you are eating at a restaurant and see a !shouttag on a TV across the restaurant, you can enter that !shouttag from the comfort of your seat.

Plus with !shouttag you regain valuable print space. Instead of having to print a giant, clunky, digital box, just add a ! to your brand to create a powerful call to action, letting your customers know they can easily get more information.

!shouttag vs Phone Number

Chances are when you call a phone number you are going to get roped into a sales pitch. Arm yourself with information first. Look up their !shouttag and see how long they have been in business, what kind of experience they have, and if they have any ongoing sales or promotions, then make that call.

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Creating your own !shouttag is simple...

  • Create a !shouttag account.
  • Login.
  • Request the !shouttag you want
    • After review you will receive an email
  • Edit. Save.
    • Request artwork for print materials
    • Receive free vector files
  • Share.
  • Done!