A !SHOUTtag is a powerful call to action that provides fast and easy access to information. When you see a ! followed by a word, that's a !SHOUTtag, and that unique !shouttag is linked to an online footprint.

For example, if you see the !ForSale shouttag on the back of a car, enter “ForSale” through the free !shouttag app or !shouttag.com and you'll see that car's online footprint with information including price, mileage, pictures, and more.

It's that simple.

And because the !SHOUTtag platform is so easy to use, you can create and launch your own !shouttag within minutes. You can create a !shouttag to:

  • Promote a business
  • Hype an event
  • Protect a pet
  • Sell a home
  • Sell a car
  • Much more

Claim your two free !SHOUTtag today, and see why !SHOUTtag is quickly becoming the engagement platform of the future! 

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!SHOUTtag vs Website

Let's compare a !SHOUTtag to a website. A website requires a domain, hosting, software, security, and complex layouts and can take days, weeks, or months to setup, often times a great expense.

With the !SHOUTtag platform you can create and launch your own !shouttag within minutes and with the same features as a website, including:

  • Images
  • Videos
  • Maps
  • Contact forms
  • Send email and text alerts

Plus !shouttags are fast loading, mobile friendly, and they generate awesome SEO with several !shouttags ranking page 1 top 5 on major search engines.

And because EVERY !SHOUTtag must be approved, you stand a greater chance of getting the !SHOUTtag you want, instead of wasting hours searching for a .com you don't. But if you have an old .com you'd still like to keep we can easily setup a redirect to point to your new !SHOUTtag.

!SHOUTtag 😍 Social Media

Let's compare a !SHOUTtag to social media. No comparisons here, !SHOUTtags work well on all social media platforms because they look awesome when shared, and they will increase engagement.

But if you want to extend your reach beyond social media, just create your !shouttag, copy the link, paste it into your bios and now you've made it extremely easy for your social media fam to get more info.

Bonus, with your !SHOUTtag you can extend your message into the real world. Just print your !shouttag on business cards, flyers, direct mailers, shirts, hats, stickers, and billboards and make it just as easy for new people to see your message!

!SHOUTtag vs QR Code

Let's compare a !SHOUTtag to a QR code. QR Codes are a cool idea but require a lot of work to use. They require you download a 3rd party app, get close enough to scan a clunky, digital box, hold your device long enough to scan it, then you are redirected to a website that must be maintained, may not be mobile friendly, or not even exist.

When you see a !SHOUTtag you can enter it from anywhere. If you are driving down the freeway and see a !SHOUTtag on a billboard, you can enter it from your vehicle. 

Or, if you are in a crowded restaurant and see a !SHOUTtag on a TV across the room, you can enter it from the comfort of your seat.

Plus, with a !SHOUTtag you regain valuable print space. Instead of having to print a giant, clunky, digital box simply add a “!” to your brand to create a powerful call to action letting people know they can easily get more info.

!SHOUTtag vs “Text HOME to 555” Scams

Let's compare a !SHOUTtag to a "text HOME to 555" scam. We call these scams because a lot of people don't know what happens behind the scenes. When you text “HOME” to 555 you may get limited information after waiting several minutes, but your giving up a LOT of information for a lifetime, because an unknown company now has access to your phone number.

Using your phone number as a key they can unlock even more information including your name, physical address and more. They can then sell your info to anyone who wants to buy it, subjecting you to unsolicited phone calls, text messages, snail mail spam, or even the nightmare situation of having your identity stolen.

With !shouttag you get immediate access to the info you requested without giving up any of your info, because we value and respect your privacy. In fact, you could look up !shouttags for 10 years and we'll never know who you are, because we don't force you to create an account nor login just to view a !shouttag.