Want to establish a dominant social media presence, or upgrade your current social media situation? We can help. We specialize in helping businesses establish a dominate social media presence making it easy for people to find, engage, and convert.

How does it work? When you sign up for !shouttag Customer Engagement Services you will be assigned a dedicated social media pro that will take you step-by-step through the initial consultation. Their goal is to Assess your current social media situation to learn you brand and determine if any improvements can be made.

After the Assessment phase, your SMP will discuss an Alignment strategy to ensure 

assess, adjust and align your entire social media presence to make it as easy as possible for people to find, engage, and convert.

Now that you're the proud owner of a dominant social media footprint, we are ready to start engaging! 

We will work with you, learning your business and marketing goals from which we will create custom content that is 100% tailored to your brand. We will then send over for your review and make any changes you see fit, once the post is ready we will post it across ALL your social media platforms incorporating all the social media best practices including targeted tag lines, branded #hashtags, proper tagging and more.

Based on the package you select you are garaunteed at least one organic post a week, but we also specialize in paid advertising to reach and engage with even more people!

Best of all there are no longterm contracts and you can pay month-to-month! Check out our packages below and contact us when you are ready to upgrade to a dominant social media presence.

If you want to establish a powerful new social media presence, or need to upgrade your current social media situation, we can help. We will “get their attention” by creating organic, authentic, and relevant posts custom tailored to your brand. We don't do clickbait nor do we just share generic links, we put the work into each and every post to ensure the highest organic outreach and engagement possible. 

Why you NEED Social Media

Social media platforms like the “Big 3” (Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter) were created to connect friends and family in the digital age. However, as the number of user accounts climbed into the hundreds of millions, business owners saw social media as a great way to get their products and services in front of new customers.
You can leverage social media to get your business in front of thousands of new customers, for free! But there is a huge catch, you have to develop an audience and compel them share, like, tag, and retweet your posts to “get their attention”. If you don't put the required time and effort into creating authentic and engaging posts, your audience and potential customers will scroll right by your post thanks to “banner blindness”.
The problem today is that social media is so saturated with "clickbait" posts that people have developed "banner blindness", a term used to describe when a user detects that a post is an ad and scrolls right by, not giving it a second thought.

Banner blindness was further exacerbated when the “Big 3” introduced "crossposting", the ability to post to more than one platform at a time, which sounds great, but results in extremely poor content like "Omg this product changed my life fb.me/10jq29...". If they are going to cut corners to save time, why should I invest my time engaging with the post?    

The good news is, there is a simple solution to circumvent banner blindness and that is to create engaging posts that are authentic and true to your brand. It is indeed a simple solution, but there is still a lingering problem... Creating engaging posts takes time, often a LOT of time, a resource many business owners just don't have.

What makes us different

Many "social media" companies try to create engaging posts without putting in the work. Classic example, an insurance company hires a company to manage their social media, but instead of creating engaging posts with pictures and unique text, they just post insurance related links like “10 ways to save on Auto Insurance” to other websites like nytimes.com, usatoday.com, etc. 

The article may be somewhat relevant, but how does sharing someone else's link help the insurance company? All the traffic is being driven away from their brand to another brand. 
    With the !shouttag platform, we can create social media links that drive traffic to YOUR message, promoting YOUR brand. Your engaging !shouttag post will include a custom image and custom text that is 100% tailored to your business. We take our time to ensure each post is unique and most importantly engaging, because if people aren't taking the time to read your post, what's the point?
How it works

    You will be assigned a personal account manager that will learn about your business needs and ultimate goals. They will then create an engagement plan that will promote your brand by engaging existing and new customers
    We will work with you by email or text to determine what you would like to post next. Once a post has been created, we will let you know so you can proofread it and ensure it aligns with your overall brand goals. Once approved, we will post on your social media channels using all the "tricks" of the trade, including trending #hashtags, strategic times of the day, and proper account tagging.
    All you have to do is tell us what to post and we'll post it to ensure the highest level of organic engagement possible

    Not only do we do organic posting as mentioned above, but we can do paid advertising as well. We can promote your products and services using the enterprise tools provided by the Big 3 to reach new customers