Here are some examples of how a !shouttag can be used to reach a much wider audience. All but one of the examples are real world !shouttags in use today. !shouttag is a 100% free service. We make our money on non-competitive, relevant ads like Google does with their search results. For example if you look up !Porsha (kitty !shouttag), you may see an ad banner for a sale on cat food at your local Petco.

Promote your Business

Make it easy for people to get more information about your products and services by sharing your !shouttag via social media, or when walking by your storefront. Your primary focus should be acquiring and re-engaging customers, not hassling with expensive websites.

Sell a Home

With a !shouttag, home-buyers get instant access to mobile-friendly listing information, and best of all you don’t get charged for your own lead. Don’t miss a potential sale because a home-buyer avoided your “text 555 to 1234” sign, with a !shouttag their privacy is protected.

Sell a Car

Trying to jam all your vehicle info into a tiny "For Sale" sign is nearly impossible. Instead, use a !shouttag, you can use a !shouttag for two days or two months, however long it takes to sell your vehicle. Plus you can upload photos, and a !shouttag is easier to remember when they speed past you on the freeway.

Protect and Promote your Pets

If someone finds your furry friend in the neighborhood they can pull up info such as dietary needs and behavior around other pets, all without having to drive to the vet to scan a microchip that may not even work. You could also use their !shouttag to promote them at a pet show or as a memorium if they pass. You can also immediately update your pet's !shouttag with reward info if they end up missing.

Extend Limited Space

Not many people will type out long or complex urls into their device. Instead, create and add your !shouttag to your print materials to extend your message. Instead of forcing people to scan a QR code which still requires a website, they can simply enter in your !shouttag and get instant access to your info.

Easily Relay the Latest Info

!shouttags are PERFECT for educational uses. Imagine you are going to school for your AA degree by taking classes every Monday and Wednesday at 6pm. One Monday you rush through traffic and struggle to find parking only to walk up to the classroom door and see a note saying: "class is canceled tonight". UGH.

But if the teacher used a !shouttag, then at 5:30 when you got off work you could check !Math962 and see that class is canceled, so instead of wasting 30 minutes to read a note, you instead pick up dinner and head home to spend extra time with your family.

!shouttags are great for parents too. At the start of the school year a teacher informs you of the !shouttag for the class, and now you can corroborate your child's homework testimony with what the teacher actually assigned. Kids may not like !shouttag in this context, but parents will love it!