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A Bit of Advice

Air Date: 5.10.2017
Host: Denis Nurmela

On Wednesday, May 10th Denis Nurmela of the "A Bit of Advice" radio show featured !shouttag Founder Mike Purcell in a 30 minute interview. Mike discussed his days in the Marine Corps, his gaming tournament company Ownij, and of course !shouttag.

The Ripple Effect

Air Date: 5.10.2017
Host: Melissa Hull

Melissa Hull of "The Ripple Effect" interviewed !shouttag Founder Mike Purcell for the WBTV Network. Mike discussed his time in the Marine Corps, family, and of course !shouttag.

Monster Motivator TV

Air Date: 9.6.2016
Host: Dave Daley

Dave Daley of "Monster Motivator TV" interviewed !shouttag Founder Mike Purcell on his popular web series. Mike and Dave deep dive into discussions about business, entrepreneurship and what it takes to be successful..