!shouttag takes user privacy seriously. In this age of invasive End User License Agreements to access user data for profit, we worked extremely hard to create an app that provides a huge benefit without all the privacy invasion.

Anonymity: You can view !shouttags without having to create a !shouttag account. When you view a !shouttag we log the view, but we will never know who you are (unless you are logged in). And even if logged in we will never identify you to !shouttag owners, rather your viewing a !shouttag will show up as just a number in an analytics report.

Account Creation: When you create a !st account we only ask for the most basic of information: email, birth year, and gender. We don't ask for your name or a specific birthdate because we are not trying to get in your private life. Rather, we just get the year and gender for general marketing analytics to provide to !shouttag owners.

Trackers: !shouttag owners will never see who is tracking their !shouttag, instead all they see is the number of current Trackers.

Hashed Passwords: Our system hashes so no one on our side can ever see your actual password, which is why you will have to go through the forgot password process if you ever forget it.

Secure Connections: Every connection to !shouttag.com is secure, so if you are browsing from a "free" WiFi, like at a Starbucks, your info, even if exposed to a hacker, is encrypted and they will be unable to decrypt.