Thanks for your interest in advertising on !

Right now we are offering a 'Hatcher' special. The first 15 businesses that sign-up to advertise on ! will be locked in at a super low, monthly rate, for life. Your fees will never go up, even when your ads are being viewed more than a million times a month (potentially). 

We will even help you design your banner ad, for free ($129 value)! And you will get special access to fun stuff like stickers and other chotzkis we design for upcoming trade shows etc. 

Contact us and we will get the party started!


Why Advertise with !shouttag?

!shouttag is mostly free. Everyone gets two !shouttags and up to 5 images per !shouttag for free. We do this to encourage everyone to enjoy our service and promote their interests with no financial outlay. 

However we do need beer money, so we reached a compromise...

Whenever someone views a !shouttag, we will render a single, non-competitive banner ad and try to make it as relevant as possible. For example, if someone views a !shouttag about a home for sale, they may see a banner ad for a local pool cleaner, or a local carpenter. Basically, the contents and the category of the !shouttag will help determine which banner ad to display.

Compare this approach to other websites that use personal details to establish relevancy, such as age, relationship status, even the school you went to in 3rd grade. Plus a lot of websites take advertising too far by showing upwards of 30+ ads per page.

We got sick of this crap too. Herein lies the "contract" between !shouttag and the public. We will never do any of the following:

  • Show more than one ad (per page load)
  • Show any animated ads
  • Re-render a closed ad

Sure this reduces the potential revenue we could generate, but we are focused on the big picture. We believe in quality over quantity; we are selling trusted advertisement space resulting in high quality leads for advertisers. 

When consumers are given the choice between !Example or, they will choose to view !Example because they know they won't bombarded with ads, the content will be high quality, and their privacy is protected.

And because more people will opt for !Example over that means more people viewing your ad, and because the relevancy is based on !Example content and category, it leads to higher conversion rates, which means more sales for your company.

We also provide the following:

  • Reach thousands of customers in your community
  • Analytics
  • Help with designing engaging banner ads
  • Pro-rated billing
  • Sync ad campaigns with Google Analytics (coming soon)

Contact us today and see how much more effective advertising on ! will be.