!shouttag hosted a Scavenger Hunt at the #Murrieta25 Birthday Bash on June 25th, 2016 and it was a blast! This is a play-by-play of all the fun shenanigans that ensued, enjoy.

!shouttag booth was large and in charge!

Running the Scavenger Hunt was an awesome way to demo power of the !shouttag app, and show how easy it is for someone to re-engage their audience, without forcing them to continually refresh a social media feed.

Signing up for the Scavenger Hunt was simple, participants created a !shouttag account, then tracked !ScavengerHunt. By tracking !ScavengerHunt they were opting to receive emails from !ScavengerHunt, which contained the task to complete, in order to win the round.

The power of !shouttag was demonstrated in that the participants didn't need to constantly check a social media feed for the latest update. Instead, they ensured their devices notified them when they received a new email, and went on to enjoy the event attractions throughout the venue.

At 5pm we sent out the first task. Notifying the Trackers was dead simple, we just clicked the Shout! button on the !shouttag app, entered a message like "Clue has been posted!! Click link for more info!!", then hit send, that was it. The !shouttag app then sent an email containing our message, and the !ScavengerHunt link, to all the Trackers.

Kids loved the !Shouty mask!

This is where the real fun began. All the participants were scattered throughout the venue, so we were standing around at the !shouttag booth waiting to see if participants got the Tracker notification, and whether they would actually complete the task. Just a few minutes after sending the clue, a team of three came running up to the booth huffing and puffing, and showed us the proof that they completed the first task! 

It was awesome, everyone around the !shouttag booth noticed the excitement as everyone was high fiving and congratulating them on the first win. About 30 seconds later we had two more teams run up to the booth to show us their proof. We told them we already had a round winner and to get ready for the next round.

We were able to notify the Trackers about the end of the round just as easily as we started it; clicked the Shout! button, added the message, and hit send. Now the Trackers were ready for the next round.

The !ScavengerHunt featured over $1,000 in prizes, and was comprised of 9 rounds. The team who won the current round won a prize with a minimum value of $50, and the team who won the most rounds won the grand prize, a brand new Jameson Whiskey snowboard! 

Over the next week we will be posting the breadown of each round, which will include some awesome pictures and play-by-play. If you want to be notified of the next update just Track this !shouttag by clicking on the actions button in the upper right hand corner. You won't want to miss the hilarity!

Round 1

Sponsor: !ARGGBrewing
Prize: $50 pre-paid Visa gift card
Task: Find an elderly woman (60+) in a party mood and get her to give the metal sign. You must be in the picture.

Ahhhh the round that started it all off. This was pretty intense as it was the first round and we were sure the !st Shout/Tracking system would work, it's software, and bugs always have a way of cropping up, plus we weren't sure if the participants would actually complete the task. Fortunately, the !st Shout/Tracking system worked flawlessly and the participants enthusiastically completed the task!

The task for this round was to get everyone in the rock spirit because of the two awesome tribute bands who played at the event, one was Guns 'N Roses and the other Aerosmith and they rocked the crowd all day long. What better way to get people into the spirit of rock than getting strangers to flash the horns!

Winning Photo!
Winning mugshot, happy they scored a $50 prepaid gift card no doubt!
Runner up! She came in a very close 2nd.

Round 2

Sponsor: !8BitBrewing
Prize: 8Bit hoodie and growler + fill ($60 value)
Task: Take a picture of any beer logo, on a hat, or any article of clothing. You must be in the picture.

8 Bit Brewing is an awesome local Murrieta Brewery with great food and epic microbrews, so we figured we should pay homage to them and their liquidy goodness.

This round took longer than Round 1 because no alcohol was allowed at the event. It awesome when the winners came running up to the booth to show us the photo, the kids were super excited to win!

Winner winner chicken dinner!!

Round 3

Sponsor: !DiamondValleyLake
Prize: Half Day Fishing Boat Rental (or put value towards a premium boat rental, $65 value) + tackle kit.
Task: Find a dude with hair longer than mid-back and give a high five. You must be in the picture.

This round was a blast. The awesome tribute bands inspired us, so we wanted to find some fellow rockers who were having fun to Guns 'N Roses and Aerosmith tunes. Surprisingly there weren't that many guys with long hair, so this round took some time to complete, but the same winners from Round 1 were able to complete the task and walk away the winners!

Round 3 Winning Photo! Trip High 5 for the Win!

Ready to head to Diamond Valley Lake for some Epic Fishing!

Round 4

Sponsor: !EMApothicaire
Prize: Epic sampler basket ($90 value)
Task: Find someone whose birthday is on the 25th, of any month. Bring to the !shouttag booth (must show proof).

The task for Round 4 was to tie the !ScavengerHunt into the whole reason we were at the #Murrieta25 event in the first place, to pay homage to our great city's birthday. We thought it would be difficult for the participants to find someone who's actual birthday was on June 25th, so we lowered the bar a bit, and set it to someone who's birthday was on the 25th of any month.

After using the !shouttag app to schedule the "Shout!" we were wondering how long it would take to complete the task, and literally a minute later, the same team who won Rounds 1 and 3 came running up with a lady in tow. She quickly showed us her driver's license to prove her birthday was indeed on the 25th, upon which we started singing Happy Birthday. Sure, it wasn't her actual birthday but it was still awesome, everyone was looking over at the !shouttag booth wondering what the heck was going on. 

We asked the winners how they were able to complete the task so fast, and one of them said about the other "she has no shame", and we all laughed. Apparently she found the biggest group of people she could find and yelled "Who has a birthday on the 25th?!!!".

The leading team at this point with 3 wins. Scored an epic gift basket from !EMApothicaire!!

Round 5

Sponsor: !EssentialInk
Prize: $100 gift card
Clue: Find someone with a branch (military) specific tattoo. It can be a tattoo of any of the armed services or division/unit emblems. Bring to the !shouttag booth.

Round 5 meant a lot to us. !shouttag is a Murrieta tech start-up founded by two vets, one Marine and one Navy. And because Murrieta is a vet friendly city, we wanted to pay homage to our fellow Vets and Active Duty Military Personnel. 

We also wanted promote our awesome sponsor !EssentialInk in a way that showed appreciation for our Vets and Active Duty Military Personnel, as the US Military and tattoos are like peanut butter and jelly, so the task for this round was a no brainer.

The winners from Rounds 1, 3, and 4 won this round as well! They brought the Army Vet over and he showed us his epic Airborne Tattoo. We thanked him for his service, and gave him and his daughter some stickers and other prizes. 

This team was well on their way to win the grand prize, just one more round and the snowboard was all theirs!

Just one more round, and the grand prize was all theirs!

Round 6

Sponsor: !KitchenTableTalk
Prize: $50 pre-paid Visa gift card
Clue: Take a picture with someone with a Guns 'N Roses t-shirt and an Aerosmith t-shirt, both must be strangers. It can be two separate pictures, but you must be in both.

Much like the task from Round 3, we wanted to pay a tribute to the Gods of Rock. Our tribute for this round was to have the participants find someone with a GnR shirt, and someone with an Aerosmith shirt. This task would definitely take longer, because they had to find multiple people, not just one. Unless they found someone wearing both shirts at the same time lol.

Needless to say, at this point we were no longer surprised when this team was first back to the !shouttag booth with proof that the task was completed. In fact, at this point they had enough wins to secure the grand prize!

$50 richer! Thanks Jacqui Dobens from !KitchenTableTalk for sponsoring this round!

Round 7

Sponsor: !LakeHemet
Prize: Family Pack (4) Splashing Eagle Waterpark Annual Passes ($220 value)
Task: Coming Soon

Round 8

Sponsor: !NutrishopMurrieta
Prize: Swag bag ($50 value)
Task: Take a picture of a cop (must have a gun) flexing his biceps. You must be in the picture looking impressed.

Police all over the country have been dealing with a lot of crap over the last few years, and we wanted to show the Murrieta Police Department some love, and in a way that tied into our great sponsor for this round, !NutrishopMurrieta. Plus you know how the saying goes; "Sun's out guns out!"

So why not get the cops to have some fun and flex some muscle. We had some funny submissions for this round, but the winning team knew how to keep on winning, and submitted this gem!

Police force indeed...

Grats to the winners, only one more round to go!

Round 9

Sponsor: !USSDMurrieta
Prize: Family Pack (4) United Studios of Self Defense Starter Kits ($50 value each)
Task: Find three strangers and get them to do a kung fu stance with you. You must be in the picture and it must be at least 50 yards from the !shouttag booth.

More info @ !ShouttagScavengerHunt2016Round9