!shouttag is excited to offer an exciting, new way to expand your promotions and maximize customer engagement.

There are so many platforms that digital marketing can be time consuming, overwhelming, and expensive, including social media, website content, and email blasts. 

You may not have time for one more digital marketing platform to maintain, but with !shouttag Customer Engagement Services, you won't have to!

!shouttag Customer Engagement Services has simplified the complexities of digital marketing unlike anything seen before, offering different level packages based on your marketing needs...

Bronze - $49.99 / Month

  • !shouttag creation and maintenance
  • One weekly Social Media Post (FB, TW, IG)
  • One weekly Tracker Notification

Silver - $89.99 / Month

  • !shouttag creation and maintenance
  • Two weekly Social Media Posts (FB, TW, IG)
  • One weekly Tracker Notification

What does this mean for you? You sit back and relax while we do the work. We will create compelling content and engaging social media links for you to post that will increase visibility, and ultimately create more conversions.

Contact us at sales@shouttag.com to get started!


  • Real world engagement. Advertise your !shouttag on billboards, posters, direct mailers, t-shirts, hats, anything that can be printed. Even radio
  • Socially engaging. Multi-Channel Social Media Blast includes a targeted link that can easily be shared on Facebook, Twitter, and Insta. Every link includes an engaging image and description
  • Inside baseball. We use tricks of the trade to ensure maximum exposure for your social media posts including #hashtag farming and clickable image links
  • Re-Engagement. Tracker Notifications will re-engage your customers in a fun way via direct email or text with your message about...
    • Flash sale
    • Event updates
    • Venue changes
  • Targeted SEO. Many !shouttags are tracking page #1 on big name search engines including Google, Yahoo, and Bing
  • Mobile friendly. Mobile is the here and now of digital marketing, !shouttag was specifically designed for mobile
  • Performant. We work hard to ensure your !shouttag is rendered as quickly as possible so your customers can read your message

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