We have been hard at work on this latest feature and are very pleased share it with you. You can now Shout! to your Trackers (more information about Trackers here).

  1. Tracker: User who finds your !SHOUTTAG contents compelling, and wants to be notified when you update the contents.
  2. Shout!: A small summary sent to all active Trackers about the changes you made to a !SHOUTTAG.

Benefits of the new Shout! / Tracker System:

  1. Enjoy the benefits of a 'subscriber' database, without having to maintain the servers, software, or security.
  2. Engage your Trackers without having to pay third party email marketing companies.
  3. Tracker privacy is protected. You will never know who is Tracking your !SHOUTTAG, so more users will be encouraged to Track your !SHOUTTAGs
  4. Analytics coming soon. Gauge the success of a Shout! based on the number of views and conversions.

Few Examples

  1. Business Owner: You want to let your Trackers know about a sale you have planned for the upcoming weekend. You create a coupon graphic for 10% off, upload it to your !SHOUTTAG, then Shout! to your Trackers "This weekend only, take 10% off your entire purchase, just show us the coupon contained in our !SHOUTTAG"
  2. Event Organizer: Uh oh, you have to change the location or time of your upcoming event you have been planning for weeks, but not everyone uses Facebook or Twitter, and you don't have time to throw together an "email blast" letting users know. No problem, update your !SHOUTTAG, and Shout! "Due to the rains last week, we have to move our meeting location to Murrieta Innovation Center, check out our !SHOUTTAG for more info"

These are just a few examples, image being able to notify users about the change of price for the car or home your are selling? Or maybe you reached out to your neighbors and had them Track your pets, but now one is missing, you can notify them to keep their eyes out. The possibilities are endless.

Here's how it works:

From your !SHOUTTAG edit page, there is a new button on the !SHOUTTAG toolbar. After you update your !SHOUTTAG with the latest content, click this Shout! button.

After clicking the Shout! button, create a short personalized message that will be shared with your trackers. This message is what your trackers will see, so make your message compelling and rewarding for your trackers so they want to revisit your updated !SHOUTTAG.

After you enter your Shout!, and click 'Schedule Shout!', you will then have a chance to review your Shout!. This is your last chance to ensure the contents of your !SHOUTTAG are correct and that you are satisfied with your Shout! message.

You will get a confirmation that your Shout! has been scheduled.

Soon your trackers will get an email notification from you with your personalized Shout! message.

And here is what the contents of the Shout! will look like.

You can see how many trackers your !SHOUTTAGs have.You can find the number of active trackers for each !SHOUTTAG from the !SHOUTTAG Manager page.

And that's it, pretty cool right? Now you can manage your own email based marketing campaigns without all the hassle of obtaining and protecting user email addresses.