Selling a used vehicle? Chances are you want to sell the vehicle ASAP so you can get on with your life. Reach more buyers with a !shouttag.

Using a !shouttag to sell a vehicle is easy; request the !shouttag you want, add some vehicle info, upload some awesome pics, and you are done. 

We know what you are thinking, how is !shouttag different from the hundreds of other vehicle-for-sale websites? Great question, let us demonstrate the differences.

You can create an ad on Craigslist, but try advertising the ad in the real world. Here's an example if you actually use the entire Craigslist url:

Crazy right? No one is ever going to type all that info, especially if they are passing you on the freeway. 

How about fixing the long url problem by using a url shortener. Ok let's check out that scenario:

Obviously less characters to type, but some people may not even recognize the shortened url is a link to more vehicle info. And it still requires quite a bit of user effort.

Let's make it uber simple for the user, let's use a QR code instead of a url:

Seems easy right? All the user has to do is scan the QR code. Wrong. The user still has to download a scanner app, get close enough, and hold the device long enough to scan the QR code, which is impossible while driving.

Now that we poked holes in all the current offerings to easily provide more information to buyers in the real world, lets offer up a disruptive, patent pending solution. This is how a !shouttag would look:

Bam! Easy right? You get a url shortener, vanity url, context, and simple call to action all-in-one. And to make it even simpler, when the user enters !SL5504Sale at or via the free !shouttag app (iTunes / Google Play), they need only enter the first few characters of the !shouttag, as the autocomplete feature will fill in the rest.

By making it as easy as possible for users to get information, your vehicle will get more attention. More attention means a greater chance to sell faster, which means you can get on with your life sooner.

If you are selling a vehicle, why not take !shouttag for a test drive, you have nothing to lose. !shouttag is free and easy.

Here are some used vehicles using !shouttags to reach more buyers: