We have been hard at work on this latest feature and are very pleased share it with you. You can now Shout! to your Trackers (more information about Shout! here).

  1. Tracker: A User who finds your !SHOUTTAG contents compelling, and wants to be notified when you update the contents.
  2. Shout!: A small summary sent to all active Trackers about the changes you made to a !SHOUTTAG.

Benefits of the new Shout! / Tracker System:

  1. Tracker privacy is protected. !SHOUTTAG curators will never know who is Tracking their !SHOUTTAG, all they will see is the number of active Trackers.
  2. !SHOUTTAG Curators cannot Shout! more than once every 24 hours, this is ensure that Trackers are not spammed to death by overzealous Curators.
  3. One account to rule them all. Instead of forking over your email address to countless "newletter" databases, fork it over to us instead, not only will we protect your privacy, but your one account can provide access to any number of !SHOUTTAGs that interest you: homes, pets, cars, businesses, bands, the list goes on and on.

Few Examples

  1. Upcoming Sales Promotions: Obviously you have an awesome sense of humor, so you decide to track !Aces so you can be informed about upcoming comedians and fun events like "dueling pianos". Every week, Rocky does a Shout! letting you know that the schedule has been updated, and he even buried a special coupon within !Aces, and if you show it at the door, you get a special price break.
  2. Bands: Your taste in music is only over shadowed by your sense of humor, so you Track a few of your favorite local bands, now they can notify you directly about upcoming schedules and special gigs.
  3. Events: Your church has an upcoming "pancake social" this weekend at 9am, but some recent rains flooded the basement, and they need to clean up the mess. Not everyone uses Facebook or Twitter, and they don't have time to throw together an email marketing campaign to let users know, so instead they do a Shout!, and notify you that the time has been moved from 9am to 11am.

Staying in the know about things that interest you really is that easy with our new Shout! / Tracker system. This is literally the closest means of getting information without having it broadcast on your frontal lobe, and a lot less intrusive.

Here's how it works:

From the !SHOUTTAG page, click the actions button, and you will see a list of actions. To track !Aces, you would just select the Track option.

If you are logged in, you will be asked to confirm if you want to start (or stop) Tracking the !SHOUTTAG. You will always be able to view !SHOUTTAGs without having to create an account and log-in, but if you want extra features like Tracking, you will have to do both.

The Curator of a !SHOUTTAG has the option to Shout! once every 24 hours. We impose these limits so you don't become overwhelmed with spam, as you may be Tracking several !SHOUTTAGs at once (church, children's teachers, local restaurants, neighborhood pets, etc). When the Curator executes a Shout!, this is what the notification will look like in your inbox (or spam folder).

Upon clicking the Shout! email, you will be able to read the Shout! as summarized by the Curator. The Shout! text will include changes made to their !SHOUTTAG, and why you should check it out (1). Then you can click the link to go directly to their !SHOUTTAG (2). And finally you can always change your Tracking Preferences at anytime (3).

You can always change your Tracking Preferences, as our goal is not to spam you with unwanted messages, but to provide a conduit between you and content you are interested in. Notice here that we are no longer Tracking !DASBOOT (1), but we are Tracking all the other !SHOUTTAGS, !Aces included (2).

And that's it, pretty cool right? Now !SHOUTTAG curators can take advantage of "subscriber" features, without having to maintain the systems, and you can get notifications without having to give up your privacy.