In January 2017 !shouttag founder Mike Purcell and co-founder Russ Purcell went to Shark Tank open auditions in Las Vegas to pitch !shouttag. It was an awesome experience and we wanted to share how it went...

According to the Shark Tank website we had to meet at the one of the ballrooms at the Venetian at 8am on Friday morning.  We got there a little before 8 and noticed the doors to the ballroom were already open, when we walked in we saw a HUGE line with several hundred other applicants already waiting.  

We thought “oh man this is going to take forever” but a little after 8am one of the casting company people got on the megaphone and explained how the process was going to work. Everyone who was pitching was given a wristband, if your wristband was numbered 1-300 you would pitch immediately, if greater than 300 you were asked to come back at 11am. 

Our number was 347 so we went to grab some chow then head back at 11am. When we walked into the ballroom we noticed the line was much smaller. At the front of the room there were four tables each with a casting shark (not an actual Shark you see on TV, but a show representative) listening to pitches. There were also a few producers lurking about and a roaming camera. 

They called groups of numbers to sit in the chairs in front of the tables, and when our number was close they had us stand several feet from an assigned table to wait for the previous pitcher to finish.

When the previous pitch was finished, the casting shark called us over and asked a few basic questions, then told us to start when ready. We went into our rehearsed pitch, each speaking individually throughout, and finally ending with “so sharks, who wants to !shouttag?”. After the pitch the casting shark asked some more questions and said we did a great job. We left the ballroom feeling excited and went to go have fun in Vegas!

The following Monday we received a phone with instructions about the next step, which included filling out a looooooong application and putting together a video. There were several requirements for the video, including how much money to ask for, what the money would be used for, why the project was created, etc. 

Below is the resulting video, it turned out pretty good considering the amount of content required and the short deadline. Many thanks to !shouttag staff Video Director George Elias who filmed, co-directed, and produced the video! 

Unfortunately we didn't get a follow up call, because we would have been perfect for the show (especially during veteran's week), but nonetheless it was a great experience.  We may pitch again in the future, but for now our goal is to continue to expose !shouttag to people who want to quickly and easily establish a dominant online presence, and continue building cutting edge features!

Many thanks to the Jim Yanoschick, Kimberly Davidson, April Vidal, and Bruce Coleman for taking time out of their busy schedules to help us make the video with their awesome testimonials. Thanks to David Lyons for letting us use his gym. And thanks to the City of Murrieta and the Murrieta Innovation Center for their support.