!Shouty is a fun T-Rex, and his eye catching design let's you know that a person or company wants to share their own !shouttag with you.

!Shouty the T-Rex is the mascot of !shouttag . As we discussed the appropriate brand representative for !shouttag , we went back and forth with different animals and icons that would properly represent !shouttag.

We came up with a T-Rex and we were inspired by the comical T-Rex's you see that play on the T-Rex's short arms. Here we have one of the most fearsome beasts at the top of the food chain with basically baby arms. One of the images we saw was of a T-Rex holding the plastic extendable arms with the title 'UNSTOPPABLE'. Surely, T-Rex would have been the master of his era and all following time periods if he only had those extendable arms.

!Shouty sighting

!Shouty at the OC Pet Expo