Hi, thanks for checking out my dog's !shouttag. Unfortunately !Spooky is no longer with us, but I wanted to write a tribute to him, as he had an ever lasting impression on me as a child.

My uncle was a Vietnam Vet, and he LOVED dogs. He was a dog handler in the Air Force, and was tasked with providing flight line security around airport parameters. It was a dangerous job, but he always spoke highly of his furry companions and how they helped make a terrible situation somewhat tolerable.

When my brother and I were little, our uncle had a dog named Spooky who was the best dog ever. We would visit with both of them on major holidays and we always had a great time. The following is what I remember about Spooky.

I get along GREAT with other dogs and adults, but can be skittish around kids. So please introduce me to them before swarming me, otherwise I may get defensive and snap.

I love dog bones (what dog doesn't?), going for long walks, and chasing things thrown into water for me to retrieve. I can also do light runs, but don't take me on a marathon, or you may have to wear me like a backpack.