Student Loan Resolution Program

Past due student loan debts account for one third of all seriously past-due debt payments. Many take most if not all of their careers to pay off student loan debt.

When graduates end up with outrageous interest rates that can rapidly accumulate on top of the initial principal, there’s not much time before this educational debt load starts becoming unmanageable. 

Introducing the Give & Receive Funding Program, a new level of  empowerment for people in need of extra  income to rapidly resolve their student loans. 

For around $70 you can Pay Off Your Student Loans.

The Problem with Education 

It’s not the education itself; it is what you must do to get there that becomes the problem for so many. Unless you have a cash windfall coming your way (lottery winnings, an inheritance, a settlement from a lawsuit or insurance claim, etc) to pay off your student loans you will be in for a long road ahead of you. Student loans have become an increasingly large portion of the debt burden that adults face. 

70% is in the other 99%

70% percent of students graduated with student loans.  According to calculations by student loan expert Mark Kantrowitz the average 2016 grad holds $37,172 in student debt.

Possibly the biggest debt facing young people is student loans from attending college. Imaging starting your new career and already carrying a debt load of $37,172.

In addition, the standard repayment plan for federal student loans puts borrowers on a 10-year track to pay off their debt, but research has shown the average bachelor's degree holder takes 21 years to pay off his or her loans.

So we live in a society where a students are putting themselves $37,172 in debt and having to pay off their student loans over the next 20 years just so they can have the minimal requirements to start a career in their field. This is not right.

Student Loan Resolution 

We never charge you a fee by offering you this program.

Your debit may be $20,000, $40,000 or $120,000 this program works for everyone with student loans.

Our Give and Receive Funding Program provides everyone the opportunity to help themselves while also helping on another. We are not here to add more debt; there is nothing to buy, sell or anything that creates an interest payment. 

Your donation will cost around $70 and the program will allow you the opportunity that could  resolve your loans over a short period of time. Your  donation is rapidly returned to you, while our program has the potential to rapidly assist you in paying off your debt. 

Better yet, there will be no other out of pocket expense incurred by you to begin the process; you donate to help others while you receive financial help. 

This program has no contracts; you have free will and at any time you wish to stop paying off your debt simply stop donating from the proceeds you are generating.

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Give & Receive Funding Program for Student Loans

“Sometimes something that seems to be too good to be true is actually true. This is one of them.” LeRoy Tyler, Influencer