Hello, They call me Lee. I am one of a billion, but locally our numbers only amass in the thousands. A finite group of individuals attempting to be all that we can be. Whatever the topic of discussion I have either researched myself or have done with a mixed levels of success. What does USDMlifestyle mean? USDM stand for "United States Domestic Market". This is a term import automobile manufactures use when they import their automobiles to the United States. If you don't know already I'm an import 3G (Third generation). Lifestyle comes for the way we live, conduct ourselves, attitude, and common beliefs. So what is this leading to you might ask? Well it is to promote the belief that life is to short and we should make the most with what we can. In the early days i was into loud music, alcohol, firearms, fast cars, and even faster woman. Well who wasn't? This is generation X, 1985 and the introduction of MTV and all it's glory. This was our time and we had to seize the moment. Make a name for myself of at least make my own path in life.