Fulfilling Our Commitment to Empower Vets

Our focus is on offering veterans better choices for what’s next after the sacrifices they and their families have endured during their military service. All gave some, some gave all and some are left behind once their service is complete. We are offering a solution where the benefits and services they earned are simply not enough. This opportunity may not solve all your problems immediately; however we can solve the basics in funds needed for you, your family and our other Vet brothers and sisters. A true solution that builds lives and futures for so many has arrived, but to be effective we must do this together.

Rebuild of the Veterans Community

Cost Around $70 Per Vet!

Fund Me and Fellow Vets Now

Life after the Military

Operation Fund My Cause works fast and effectively to support America’s newest generation of Humanitarian Warriors.

Providing transition assistance when leaving the military is not so easy, our mission provides innovative programs to support veterans as they navigate, at times, a cruel civilian landscape.

Our relationship will always be those of brothers and sisters, we have been through a lot together, good times and bad, and yet we must remain rock solid. Operation Fund My Cause offers an opportunity to continue to help fellow veterans, leaving no one behind.

The program being designed on a pay-it-forward platform becomes a perfect opportunity for each Vet who gets involved, to then afford to help those less fortunate and assist a fellow Vet in need, by providing their entrance fee into the opportunity. Your contributions are transformative for empowering one another and enlisting into the humanitarian army.  We cannot wait for the government to change policy and assist Vets as a whole; we must begin our own sustainable solution for all Vets and their families.

Our Program 

When it is not as simple as getting a job, you need a solution to securing money and not a Band-aid. Many attempt to raise money and fail or fall short.

Fund raising is difficult; there are many ideas out there. Many veterans organizations and Vets themselves find some success in their efforts, but far fewer are sustainable efforts and many others fall short leaving our brothers and sisters homeless, hungry, without proper care, alone, broke and unemployed. This can become an even more difficult task when the economy is struggling and jobs are not as prevalent.


Give & Receive Program

Our Give & Receive Funding Program is a hybrid Pay-it-Forward platform. Donors are not buying, selling or trading ANYTHING. Vets are leveraging money right into their own wallet.

·Easiest  way to raise funds

·Smaller Donations per Donor

·Donor Receives By Giving

·Faster Donation Returns

·Sustainable Revenues

·Safe, Fast & Easy

·Unique Approach

Fund Me and Fellow Vets Now

Vets Fund Raising

This is a whole new level of empowerment for Veterans, Vet Organizations and for those who donate, because this program is based on the Principle of Receiving by Giving. As donors continuously give into this platform what they continuously receive is always greater than what they gave. Now our Vets have a resource that will offer them solutions and the freedom to secure their own futures, just as they have fought for ours. 

 Small Donations Create a Large Impact

 Sign up your Vets! "Special donations fund will be created within OFMC as a Vets outreach program to help even more Vets."

 For as little as $70 can change a life, family and the community forever.

Our Mission as Humanitarian Soldiers

Together we fight for us

·     Tragic beginnings: 453,000 unemployed veterans in 2016 – Let’s create a better ending Together.

·     About 11% of the adult homeless population are veterans.

·     The complex set of factors influencing all homelessness – extreme shortage of affordable housing.

·     No access to a livable wage job.

·     Lack of proper health care – a large number of displaced and at-risk veterans live with lingering effects of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and substance abuse, which are compounded by a lack of family and social support networks.

·     Military occupations and training are not always transferable to the civilian workforce, placing some veterans at a disadvantage when competing for employment.

·     A top priority for homeless veterans is secure, safe, clean housing that offers a supportive environment free of drugs and alcohol.

Getting involved allows all  Vets to help themselves
and other Vets in need.
Check it out now: 
 Fund Me and Fellow Vets Now